Connect with leading web profes­sionals at the Web Direc­tions Expo

A lot of confer­ences have Expos, and tired affairs they often are, geomet­rical rows of cookie cutter pipe and drape booths.

Our Expo is different. Think of the Souks of Marrakesh, or the Bazaars of Cairo — a place to explore, and discover, converse and connect. Some­thing new around every corner. That’s our model of the Web Direc­tions Expo. With partic­i­pants from the very biggest in the business, to brand new startups, and with the conference catering spread throughout the area, we guar­antee an engaged audience, and for the audience, a fasci­nating expe­rience.

We chal­lenge (and work with) our partners to create fasci­nating engaging expe­ri­ences that add to the expe­rience of our attendees, and help provide the best possible return on their investment, and far from being a somewhat sterile add-​​on, our Expo becomes the heart of the conference networking activ­ities.

Stamford Interactive engaging with conference attendees Microsoft demos Silverlight to a fascinated crowd Large crowds at the Web Directions Expo Vision Australia and Profero educate attendees Great value for professionals and exhibitors FreshView's booth at the Web Directions Expo

About the Expo

Added to Web Direc­tions South in 2007, our expos have proven to be a great success, with exhibitors and attendees alike reacting very posi­tively to the inno­vation. 2009 saw Microsoft, Adobe, Paypal and Atlassian with large scale exhibits, coupled with over a dozen exhibitors from around Australia and across the world.

The expo takes place in and around the conference itself, with all breaks and lunches catered right in the expo area. This guar­antees high exposure to all conference attendees before each day, in each 30 minute coffee break, and at each 1 hour lunch break.

Web Direc­tions provides the best possible place to connect with an audience of leading edge web profes­sionals — designers, devel­opers, IAs, admin­is­trators, product and project managers — the people whose day to day job is building and managing great web sites, appli­ca­tions and services, as well as managers, exec­utive and business owners. If your product or service is of value to these folks, then there’s no better place to build and maintain your rela­tion­ships with them.

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