Conference schedule: October 14 & 15

Web Direc­tions South 2010 is a two day conference, an optional two days of work­shops, and plenty of networking events. Then on Saturday there is Amped, a fantastic free event open to everyone.

You can also see what’s on now and up next with Web Direc­tions NOW.

Thursday, October 14 2010

TimeDesignDevel­opmentBig-​​PictureW3C South
8:00–9:00 Regis­tration

9:00–9:10 Opening comments

9:10–10:15 Day 1 Opening Keynote: Designing Obama
with Scott Thomas

10:15–10:45 Morning tea
10:45–11:40 jQuery <3s designers
with Craig Sharkie
HTML5 Audio and Video
with Silvia Pfeeiffer
How digital affects books and publishing
with Craig Mod
Active web devel­opment
with Divya Manian
11:40–11:45 Changeover
11:45–12:40 Designing inter­ac­tions using enriched story­telling
with Darren Menachemson
Building a better web with HTML5
with Ben Schwarz
Design Thinking (and Doing)
with David Gravina
RDFa every­where
with Knud Möller
12:40–1:40 Lunch
1:40–2:35 Creativity, design and inter­action with HTML5 and CSS3
with Dan Rubin
Enriching large data sets
with Paul Hagon
Creating plat­forms for social inno­vation
with Grant Young
Widgets — Why should I care?
with Daniel Davis
2:35–2:40 Changeover
2:40–3:35 Keeping your content alive from cradle to grave
with Donna Spencer
Even faster web sites
with Steve Souders
Connected digital initia­tives and strategies
with Paula Bray
Australia’s acces­si­bility tran­sition strategy
with Jacqui Begbie & Neil King
3:35–4:05 Afternoon tea
4:05–4:15 Minting mobile currency in a socialised, localised world
with Naveed Anwar
4:15–5:05 Day 1 Closing Keynote: Where are we going?
with Josh Williams
5:05–5:15 Day 1 Wrap-​​up
5:30–7:00 Opening night drinks reception

Friday, October 15, 2010

TimeDesignDevel­opmentBig-​​PictureW3C South
9:00–9:10 Day 2 Opening comments
9:10–10:15 Day 2 Opening Keynote: Let’s see what we can see
with Michal Migurski
10:15–10:45 Morning tea
10:45–11:40 Running effective remote studies
with Juliette Melton
JavaScript Sprachraum
with Patrick Lee
Prac­tising Web Stan­dards in the Large
with Tatham Oddie
HTML5 Report Card
with Michael™ Smith
11:40–11:45 Changeover
11:45–12:40 Setting standards-​​friendly web type
with Simon Pascal Klein
Location, location, geolo­cation
with Max Wheeler
The Age of Awareness
with Lisa Herrod
HTML Ready for prime time?
with HTML5 Panel
12:40–1:40 Lunch
1:40–2:35 Inter­action design school 101
with Shane Morris
Building mobile web apps
with Myles Eftos
Wran­gling Time: The Form and the Future of the Book
with James Bridle
Browser Caching and You (A Love Story)
with Mark Nottingham
2:35–2:40 Changeover
2:40–3:35 Flogging design — best prac­tises in online shop design
with Matt Balara
Raphaël: native web vector graphics library
with Dmitry Bara­novskiy
GOOD: Graphical Object Oriented Design
with Rob Manson
More than raw: government data online
with Gordon Grace
3:35–4:05 Afternoon tea
4:05–5:05 Closing Keynote: Designers, designers, designers..
with Tim Harrison
5:05–5:15 Closing comments
5:30–late Closing night party